use a 10MP camera or better. You’ll have a poster-quality profile picture!

OH YES: If possible, use a reflex (SLR) camera with a 50mm lens.
WELL, a point-and-shoot will also work; in that case use just a bit of optical zoom.
YIKES! You should avoid using a cell-phone camera. 



  1. photograph the RIGHT SIDE of your bike (headlight pointing to the RIGHT)
  2. shoot at seat height, don’t stand. This gives a better perspective.
  3. center stand is best. When using the side stand, add spacers so the bike is almost vertical!
  4. use a tripod. if you don’t have one, use the timer and place the camera on a beer box. Beer Image Stabilization. Nice.
  5. cloudy weather is best, avoid sunny days – we need diffuse light for soft shadows. If not, at least make sure the sunlight comes from behind you.
  6. stand 5 meters (= 5 big steps) away from the bike: zoom in until the bike FILLS the viewfinder.
  7. NO flash: turn it OFF!
  8. if possible, use a wall as background. We cannot erase things visible through your windscreen.
  9. take several pictures, then compare them and send us the sharpest one.
  10. don’t worry about scratches, mud or dead insects. It’s a bike, not your partner. Also, don’t get in the picture yourself. Again, it’s about your bike… not your partner