Posh Green

1980 Honda CB650

Café Racer

Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 627 CC
Horsepower: 64 hp
Weight: 210 kg
Top speed: 180 km/h


The rennovated CB 650 C is owned by a cool guy by the name Onur Ayli . We came in contact trough a mutual friend. The bike was tinkered and toyed around by 3 different mechanics before it came to us. It was a mess when it arrived. We shared a similar kind of sense of style. So we decided to turn it into a cafe racer rather than just geting it working again. First we drew some sketches and agreed on the posture and style. And we started working. All the bodywork, posture and paint was the fun part. But the engine's condition was a disaster when it came to us. We traced back all the mistakes of former mechanics and got this girl running again. After going over the electric, reboring the engine and changing valve guides, it came alive. Making her lighter and re-jetting the carbs to new K&N filters and open exhaust... She's a beast now. We like her even more when she's angry.

Thumbs Up

With new jet settings it became a natural sprinter. With its long and lean posture its like a drag racer. Relocating the footrest further to the back and Lsl low Clipon's just added to that spirit.

Thumbs Down

Posture is a bit uncomfortable for long hours of cornering. It tured out to be a very low bike. Also the hunch on the gas tank is not enough for resting.


  • English-wheeled hand made aluminium mudguard
  • Chopped rear frame and turned it into brat style angled tail
  • Rear: 16x5 Firestone
  • Front: 19x3.5 Firestone
  • LSL clip-on handlebars
  • Lucas headlight
  • Acewell instrument cluster
  • Mini tail light & signals
  • New hand made side panels, english-wheeled.
  • Repositioned ignition key to left panel
  • Vintage Green & Gold paint scheme
  • Emgo mufflers
  • "2-in-1" glass-fiber insulated manifolds
  • DID gold chain
  • Painted the cylinder block, trigger unit and alternator covers
  • Rebored the engine and changed valve guides
  • K&N 1 to 2 air filters and re-jetted the carbs for max performance