1978 Suzuki TS 250


Cylinders: 1
Displacement: 246 CC
Horsepower: 23 hp
Weight: 118 kg
Top speed: 128 km/h
Owner: Rollo


The TS series were the first Suzuki trail bikes sold on the mass market. They were robust, reliable and performed well. They were best suited to unsealed roads or off road in dry conditions-the limit being the lack of tyre grip with the standard tyre. (By the way, HUSTLER is the name given to the Japanese model. In the US, they were called SAVAGE)

Thumbs Up

This little rocker motorcycle takes me everywhere I want to go. At 118 kg it's easy to maneuver, up and down steep hills it's never a problem. 23 hp feel like a lot thanks to the short gears. It always starts at the first kick!!! I had my first camping tour on this one when I was younger... good times.

Thumbs Down

Ah, the front brake! It's quite alright on the dirt cause it will never lock up, especially downhill. But try and squeeze the lever on asphalt, and you'll still be asking yourself if you're actually decelerating some time after.


  • I added a gasoline filter
  • I inverted the shocks to have an easier regulation access
  • A more 'Roadgoing' front fender, instead of the white plastic Crosser fender!