2011 Honda RC212V


Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 800 CC
Horsepower: 242 hp
Weight: 155 kg
Top speed: 343 km/h
Owner: Cstoner


When Mick Doohan used Repsol livery it was a little different, but for me, being with this team meant everything. It is the HRC official team and it is Repsol. It is a great team and to be there with two more riders was amazing. It is curious than when Mick was there, there were three riders and when I arrived here the situation repeated itself. I was very excited about the 2011 season and also about following in the steps of Mick Doohan; this was a huge privilege for me.

Thumbs Up

The Honda surprised me in each lap, again and again. When I enter a corner too wide, I don’t know how I am going to take it and suddenly I find myself in the inside white line, which is a great difference and something it took me some time to get used to see which is the best point to enter the corner. I expected to have many difficulties with the brakes, but in fact the feeling was really good. I thought acceleration to be incredibly powerful from low-revs, but I found that the engine was mild and sweet.

Thumbs Down

Sometimes, when you enter a corner, when you let go of the clutch to downshift, the bike does not go uniformly, but rebounds and that makes the whole bike move when entering the corner. That prevents you from bending more and brake harder, because it still chatters and the contact with the tarmac is not perfect. So at some point, the engine brake interferes too much and blocks the back wheel. Then is when you see an Honda rider entering with the bike crossed or doing a wheelie.


  • Detailed photos by Dennis Witschel