espresso racer

1982 Yamaha XS400

Café Racer

Cylinders: 2
Displacement: 400 CC
Horsepower: 27 hp
Weight: 155 kg
Top speed: 169 km/h
Owner: IamBernhard


I was checking some online classified and saw a good offer for 2 of these bikes. I always wanted a Café Racer so I bought them and started looking for somebody to help me with the modifications (it later turns out that this "somebody" is the founder of this website...). We gave it our best shot hand-selecting the components, ordering something like 6 headlights and 3 glass-fiber seats to get it just right. I can’t wait for winter to end to show her off at the cafés around Berlin. For now she's showcased in my living room. I enjoy hanging out late with my friends and staring at the Yamaha while sipping gin.

Thumbs Up

Thanks to her light weight city riding goes without pain. Short riders enjoy the comfortable seat height. One more thing she does remarkably well is getting inside elevators of office buildings and looking great in our office's meeting room.

Thumbs Down

Let’s put it this way: 30hp won’t tear holes in the asphalt. And probably you should invest in some after-market silencers (or ...loudeners) to make her sound respectable. She looks so mean, but she purrs... :-/


  • 55mm K&N air filters (
  • Chrome tapered universal silencers (
  • Heat-proof wrapped headers (
  • 7” inch headlight (
  • 33mm Fehling clip-ons (
  • café-racer style glass-fiber single seat (
  • stainless steel chromed front fender (
  • black anodized aluminum LSL foot pegs (
  • Aluminium grips (
  • Custom cut and modified side panels with metal grid, glass-fiber reinforced
  • Custom modified original YAMAHA instrument cluster
  • Custom built single-seat from synthetic leather (
  • Powder-coated frame, engine, gas tank and seat (matte black)
  • Custom tank logo design (
  • Café-racer tail light (