Jessica Rabbit

2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR


Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 990 CC
Horsepower: 197 hp
Weight: 171 kg
Top speed: 307 km/h


I was actually at the Mugello MotoGP event in 2006 when the bike was first introduced. I was watching from the Maxiscreens on the stands, and moments later I saw it fly by in front of me on the show-opener. I was left completely speechless. After the MotoGP race I bought the VIP pass off someone and went in to take a close look at this beast. I decided it HAD to be mine. I saved up quite a bit of cash to get it, 3 years later, used...

Thumbs Up

Well, 200HP and 171kg is like sitting on a surface rocket. Need I say more?? This thing growls like a leopard with rabies. When I roll up to a cafe with my engine on I have everyone's attention, which is good and bad. The old ladies yelling to turn it off don't understand a damn thing about desmodromic distribution.

Thumbs Down

I must say I've had my trouble understanding the stock setting of this bike. Since it's made for the track and aggressive riding, I've tried to tune it a touch softer and open the geometry to make it less nervous. But I can't seem to nail it. 1098 riders, even 999ers seem to have an easier time on the bends with their setups. It seems you have to be a talented chassis engineer to figure out the Desmosedici. I get a familiar feeling when I see the MotoGP guys struggling on TV to find their race setups.


  • I bought REARVIEW MIRRORS... cause they were 'optional' on this bike! O_o